Activating a Terminal Services License Server

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

A Terminal Services license server must be activated to certify the server and to allow the license server to issue Terminal Services client access licenses (TS CALs). You can activate a license server by using the Activate Server Wizard in the TS Licensing Manager tool.

Use one of the following methods to activate your license server:

  • Activate a Terminal Services License Server Automatically This method requires Internet connectivity from the computer running TS Licensing Manager. Internet connectivity is not required from the license server itself. This method uses TCP/IP (TCP port 443) to connect directly to the Microsoft Clearinghouse.

  • Activate a Terminal Services License Server by Using a Web Browser You can use the Web method when the computer running TS Licensing Manager does not have Internet connectivity, but you have access to the Web by means of a Web browser from another computer. The URL for the Web method is displayed in the Activate Server Wizard.

  • Activate a Terminal Services License Server by Using the Telephone The telephone method allows you to talk to a Microsoft customer service representative to complete the activation process. The appropriate telephone number is determined by the country/region that you choose in the Activate Server Wizard and is displayed by the wizard.

When you activate the license server, Microsoft provides the server with a limited-use digital certificate that validates server ownership and identity. Microsoft uses an X.509 industry standard certificate for this purpose. By using this certificate, a license server can make subsequent transactions with Microsoft.

If a license server is not activated, the license server can only issue temporary TS Per Device CALs that are valid for 90 days, or TS Per User CALs.