Checklist: Deploying RemoteApp Programs Through a File Share or Other Distribution Mechanism

Updated: March 15, 2010

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Instead of using TS Web Access, you can deploy RemoteApp programs through .rdp files or Windows Installer packages that are made available through file sharing, or through other distribution mechanisms such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Active Directory software distribution. These methods enable you to distribute RemoteApp programs to users without using TS Web Access.


If you distribute RemoteApp programs through Windows Installer packages, you can also configure whether the terminal server takes over client file name extensions for the RemoteApp programs. If this is the case, a user can double-click a file where the file name extension is associated with a RemoteApp program.

You must complete the following tasks to configure RemoteApp programs for distribution through a file share or some other distribution mechanism. After you create .rdp files or Windows Installer packages, you can distribute them to users.

Task Reference

Configure the server that will host RemoteApp programs. This includes installing Terminal Server, installing programs, and verifying remote connection settings.

Configuring the Server That Will Host RemoteApp Programs

Add RemoteApp programs and configure global deployment settings.

Create .rdp files or Windows Installer packages from RemoteApp programs.