Step 3 - Run File Server Resource Manager Classification Rules

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

This step explains how to manually run the classification rules. This is only being done for testing purposes. These can be automated so that they do not have to be run manually.

To run the File Server Resource Manager Classification Rules

  1. Log on to as Administrator

  2. Click Start, select Administrative Tools, and select File Server Resource Manager.

  3. In the File Server Resource Manager, on the left, expand Classification Management, and right-click Classification Rules, and select Run Classification With All Rules Now. This will bring up the Run Classification window.

  4. Under How do you want to proceed?, select Wait for classification to complete execution. Click Ok.

  5. Once classification finishes, examine the report. The spec.doc should be classified as High and the notes.doc should be classified as low.

  6. Close the report.

  7. Close File Server Resource Manager.