Management Service Delegation Page

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Use the Management Service Delegation page to specify rules that control remote user deployment rights. The Management Service Delegation page can be used only by administrators and appears only at the server level.

UI Elements

Element Name Description


Displays the provider or providers to which the rule applies.


Displays whether the rule is enabled or disabled. You can enable or disable a rule by clicking Enable Rule or Disable Rule in the Actions pane.


Displays the path to which the rule applies.

Path Type

Displays the type of the path. Possible values are PathPrefix, StringPrefix, StringSuffix, ConnectionString, and RegularExpression.


Displays the actions that the rule will take. For Web Deploy providers, typical values are Read, Write, and *.

Identity Type

Displays the type of identity under which the rule will run. Possible values are CurrentUser, ProcessIdentity, and SpecificUser.

User Name

Displays the user name when SpecificUser has been selected as the identity type. When the identity type is CurrentUser or ProcessIdentity, no user name will be displayed.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description

Add Rule…

Opens the Add Rule dialog box. Select this option to add a rule. For more information, see Add Rule Dialog Box (Management Service Delegation).

Edit Feature Settings…

Opens the Edit Feature Settings dialog box. For more information, see Edit Feature Settings Dialog Box (Management Service Delegation).

Add User To Rule…

Opens the Add User To Rule dialog box. For more information, see Add User to Rule Dialog Box.


Opens the Edit Rule dialog box. For more information, see Add or Edit Rule Dialog Boxes.


Removes the selected delegation rule or delegation rule user.

Disable Rule

Disables the selected delegation rule.

Enable Rule

Enables the selected delegation rule.