RemoteFX on a RD Session Host on LAN Example

Updated: March 23, 2011

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1

A. Datum Corporation, an IT consulting firm based in California, helps companies architect, implement, and support their networking environments. While A. Datum Corporation mobile consultants are not on-site helping customers implement new technologies, each consultant already has access to their own Remote Desktop Services session based desktop. This remote desktop has all the proprietary applications that their mobile consultants use.

Mobile consultants at A. Datum Corporation are constantly helping customers implement new technologies. To keep their skills current, the consultants attend internal training sessions every two to three weeks. However instead of being able to watch the training from their offices on their own schedule, the consultants are forced to attend the training live and in-person. The classes frequently involve experts standing at whiteboards to demonstrate configurations and best practices. This sort of rich communication could not succeed remotely. When they tried to transmit Flash or Silverlight video over a remote connection, it would end up being postage-stamp sized—too small for viewers to see anything. A. Datum Corporation wanted a solution that could deliver full-motion video remotely and maintain acceptable server resource allocation.

A. Datum Corporation decided to explore Microsoft® RemoteFX™, a new feature of Remote Desktop Services. IT administrators can use it to deliver a rich end user experience to employees who are using session-based desktops. Because A. Datum Corporation can use RemoteFX to deliver video to remote users, it doesn’t need to invest in a video conferencing system and employees can participate in classes remotely and on their own schedule.

Goals Achieved:

  • Centralized Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) desktop delivery for LAN leveraging RD Session HostRD Session Host

  • Enhanced Rich media application experience for RD Session Host