Microsoft Services for Network File System

Applies To: Windows Storage Server 2008

Microsoft Services for Network File System (NFS) is a component of Windows Storage Server 2008 that provides a file-sharing solution for enterprises that have a mixed Windows and UNIX environment. By using Microsoft Services for NFS, you can configure storage services to make it possible for users to store and access files on the Windows Storage Server 2008–based storage appliance, and to transfer files between the storage appliance and UNIX computers by using the NFS protocol.

In Windows Storage Server 2008, you can complete the initial configuration of Microsoft Services for NFS by using the Microsoft Services for NFS Configuration Guide, which includes an Identity Mapping Setup Wizard. After completing the initial Microsoft Services for NFS configuration, you can use the Microsoft Services for NFS console for ongoing maintenance and administration.

If you are using Windows Storage Server 2008 in an environment that does not include an Active Directory directory service domain, you can install Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) on your storage appliance to provide user name mapping for NFS. Microsoft Services for NFS can use any RFC 2307 compliant Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) service to provide username mapping services.

For more information about Microsoft Services for NFS, see Microsoft Services for NFS. For information about using the Microsoft Services for Network File System with User Name Mapping, see Specify How Server for NFS Obtains Windows User and Group Information. For more information on ADAM, see Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Application Mode.