Modifying a Snapshot Schedule

Applies To: Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

In the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target console, you can modify individual schedules, which were initially created by using the Schedule Snapshot Wizard. This includes modifying the following settings:

  • Names and Disks

    You can review the schedule name, specify whether the snapshots are to be mounted locally, and specify which virtual disks should be included in the snapshots.

  • Schedule

    You can specify that the schedule is to run daily, weekly, monthly, or as one time schedule, as you specified in the Schedule Snapshot Wizard. You can also automatically create additional schedules by using the same name, disks, and settings, but running at different times.

Membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure. Review the details in "Additional considerations" in this topic.

To modify a schedule

  1. In Microsoft iSCSI Software Target, in the console tree, double-click Snapshots, and then click Schedules.

  2. In the results pane, right-click the schedule that you want to modify, and then click Properties.

  3. Modify the settings, as appropriate, and then click OK.

Additional considerations

  • You must be a member of the local Administrators group to perform these tasks.

  • To open iSCSI Software Target, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Microsoft iSCSI Software Target. (Another way to open iSCSI Software Target is to click Start, click Run, and then type iscsitarget.msc.)

Additional references

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