Configuring a Cluster Network for Performance

Applies To: Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

The default properties for a network interface in Windows Server may not provide the best performance in a failover cluster configuration. In particular, the default setting for IPv4 to register the connection’s host name and IP address in DNS will cause unnecessary delays on the private subnets that are used for the cluster heartbeat and iSCSI storage.

To remove automatic DNS registration

  1. To open the Network Sharing Center, click Start, right-click Network, and then click Properties.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Manage network connections.

  3. Open the properties for a private cluster network, such as the cluster heartbeat subnet or the iSCSI storage subnet. Right-click the connection, and then click Properties.

  4. Open the properties for IPv4. Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).

  5. On the General tab, click Advanced.

  6. On the DNS tab, clear Register this connections addresses in DNS, and then click OK.

  7. Repeat these steps for each private network in the failover cluster.

Additional references

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