Deployment stories

Sony Ericsson upgraded a pilot group of computers to the Windows Vista Enterprise operating system. Once the new system is deployed throughout the company, Sony Ericsson anticipates that it will be able to reduce time spent rebuilding the desktop configuration on employees' computers by 50 percent.

Entrasys decided to take advantage of new technology by upgrading to Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. With its new capabilities, Entrasys has improved user and IT staff productivity and completed a successful proof-of-concept—the new employee setup is now 30 to 60 percent faster. Enhanced security capabilities have helped contribute not only to a safer environment but also to a reduced burden on the IT staff.

Fred Weber, Inc. expects a 30 percent reduction in helpdesk calls and a near ten-fold reduction in deployment costs as a result of users being better able to fix their own problems, and Windows Vista enforcing application permissions.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (3150 seats) relies on its IT environment to help keep staff members productive and patients well cared for. Traditionally upgrading its PCs on an as-needed basis only, the hospital is now standardizing its technology adoption to foster greater efficiency and end-user satisfaction. It has begun an upgrade to the Windows Vista operating system with the help of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Quality Technology Solutions. The deployment to date has been five times faster than previous upgrades and has already produced an increase in system manageability. Security features help the hospital maintain regulatory compliance and users find that the Instant Search capability makes it easier to find information.

Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) used the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment (WVHA) Tool to inventory their software and hardware assets prior to deploying Windows Vista. Within hours, the tool conducted an automated inventory and generated comprehensive reports. The previous OS upgrade relied on a manual process, taking 11 days to conduct the same inventory. Windows Vista Hardware Assessment found that 70 percent of the CHS computers would be ready for Windows Vista after only minor hardware upgrades. CHS ultimately decided to implement many of the recommended upgrades and replace half of its computers. The company used the cost savings to purchase Microsoft Software Assurance, deploy Windows Vista Enterprise instead of Windows Vista Business, and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007.

Unilever has used the BDD solution to create a standard, predictable, low-cost process for deploying operating systems and software onto its computers. Previously, the IT department had to prepare disks containing the configuration of each system. Technicians had to update the disks individually whenever there was a hardware or software change that affected the setup of new computers. The BDD solution improved the process dramatically by providing technicians with one easily updated image, reducing costs and greatly simplifying configuration management.

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