Application Compatibility in Deployment Planning

Application Compatibility

Because there are new technologies in Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista, you need to test your business applications for compatibility with the new operating system. Even if you currently use Windows XP Professional, you need to test applications to make sure that they work as well on Windows Vista as they do in your existing environment. Also, enhancements included in Windows Vista, such as improved security features, might not be supported by some applications.

Identify all applications that your organization currently uses, including custom software. As you identify applications, prioritize them and note which ones are required for each business unit in your organization. Remember to include operational and administrative tools, including antivirus, compression, backup, and remote-control programs.

Applications that comply with the Windows Vista Application Specification are compatible with Windows Vista and take advantage of the new technologies it provides. The desktop application specification applies to any software that runs on Windows Vista, whether it runs as a stand-alone program or as the client portion of a distributed application.

Commercial applications that comply with the Windows Vista Application Specification can be certified by an independent testing organization if they meet certain requirements, such as using Windows Installer. Applications can also comply with the specification even if they are not certified. For more information about the Windows Vista Application Specification, see the Application Specification Download link on the Web Resources page at