Windows Vista: Planning and Architecture

This collection includes topics that can help IT Professionals plan implementations of Windows Vista®.

How to Start a Windows Vista Pilot Deployment

This topic, written by an MVP, Brien Posey, describes how to successfully manage a pilot deployment program that provides the best experience for pilot users and helps to provide positive project justification to business decision makers in your organization.

How to Start a Windows Vista Pilot Deployment

Planning and Designing Windows Vista Deployments

This topic helps you decide how to deploy Windows Vista in your organization, including which installation method to use, whether to upgrade hardware and applications, which features to install, and how much control to apply over users' computers.

Planning & Designing Windows Vista Deployments

Winlogon Notification Packages Removed

Directed at organizations that are using Winlogon notification packages, this topic describes steps you can take to remove the functionality or create a new solution when deploying Windows Vista.

Winlogon Notification Packages Removed: Impact on Windows Vista Planning and Deployment

Guide to the Multilingual User Interface

This topic explains how the architecture of the new Multilingual User Interface (MUI) in Windows Vista facilitates multiple language deployments of the operating system.

Guide to Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface