HardwareUpdgradeURL specifies the URL to pass the computer's component subscores on the query string. A component’s subscore is a metric generated by Windows System Assessment Tool (Windows SAT) and is used to derive the Windows Experience Index base score. This subscore is an indication of the performance of the individual component. For example, a video card rated with a gaming and graphics subscore of 5.8 is better at rendering 3D visuals than a video card with a score of 1.1.

The subscore categories are:

  • CPU – processor Windows SAT score
  • MEM – memory Windows SAT score
  • DWM – desktop Aero Windows SAT score
  • D3D – gaming graphics Windows SAT score
  • HDD – hard disk drive Windows SAT score



Specifies the URL used to locate the query string. HardwareUpgradeURL is a string. For example, the following can be a valid URL string: http://www.fabrikam.com/vistaupgrade/upgrade.htm

This string type supports empty elements.

Valid Passes


Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-PerfCenterCPL | WindowsExperienceIndexOemInfo | HardwareUpgradeURL

Applies To

For the list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-PerfCenterCPL.

This setting is available to OEMs and system builders.

XML Example

The following XML output shows how to configure HardwareUpgradeURL.


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