Apply an Image

With the ImageX tool and a Windows image (.wim) file, you can extract the contents of the image to a directory and perform common file operations, such as copying, pasting, and editing with a file management tool, such as Windows Explorer.


Before you can mount and manipulate an image by using ImageX, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Install Windows OPK tools or Windows AIK tools on your technician computer. For more information, see Building a Technician Computer.
  2. Capture and, optionally, compress your installation into an image file with ImageX. For more information, see Capture an Image.

To apply an image

  1. On your technician computer, at a command prompt, open the ImageX directory. For example,

    c:\Program Files\<version>\Tools\<arch>

    where <version> can be Windows OPK or Windows AIK and <arch> can be x86, amd64, or ia64.

  2. To apply an image, run the imagex /apply command. This command requires three arguments: the name of the image, the image number, and the destination location. The following is an example of this.

    imagex /apply d:\imaging\data.wim 1 d:\New_Directory /verify

    Optionally, you can set the following options: /check, /ref, /scroll, and /verify. For more information about these options, see ImageX Command-Line Options.

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