Change logon

Enables or disables logons from client sessions, or displays current logon status. This utility is useful for system maintenance.


change logon {/enable|/disable|/query}


/enable : Enables logons from client sessions, but not from the console.

/disable : Disables subsequent logons from client sessions, but not from the console. Currently logged on users are not affected.

/query : Displays the current logon status, whether enabled or disabled.

/? : Displays help at the command prompt.


  • Only administrators can use the change logon command.

  • Logons are re-enabled when you restart the system. If you are connected to the terminal server from a client session and disable logons, and then log off before re-enabling logons, you will not be able to reconnect from your session. Log on at the console in order to re-enable logons from client sessions.

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