About Professor Windows

Technical Lectures on Microsoft Windows Operating System

about01 The Professor Windows columns are written by Yossi Saharon. Yossi is a Technology Solutions Specialist at Microsoft Israel, working mainly with Microsoft Partners. He manages the Technology Solutions group and also serves as the Technical Program Manager for Windows Early Adopter Programs in Microsoft Israel.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1999, Yossi worked for a large Microsoft Certified Partner in Israel as a Network Engineer and Consultant. Prior to that as a Technical Manager in a software company developing Collaboration & Document Management applications.

Yossi is a CNE/MCSE and a true "Directories freak". His main expertise is in the fields of Active Directory deployment and development and Systems Security. Yossi lectures at TechEd events, TechNet Seminars and other Global worldwide events. He has been involved in writing Microsoft Official Curriculum courses for Windows Server, resource kit tools, scripts for the Technet Script Center and more.

In his spare time he develops management tools for Active Directory and Exchange, tours the world while playing the guitar in his rock band and admires his daughter.

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