Represents one or more cubic Bezier curves.

<PolyBezierSegment   .../>

Managed Equivalent



A BezierSegment can have two control points and an end point. A PolyBezierSegment can have an essentially unlimited number of control points, with the values of these points and the end point given as the Points property value. Individual points are parsed out of the Points string.


The following example shows how to use a PolyBezierSegment object to create a series of curves.

  Width="500" Height="100">
      <Path Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="1">

                <!-- The StartPoint specifies the starting point of the first curve. -->
                <PathFigure StartPoint="10,100">

                      <!-- The PolyBezierSegment specifies two cubic Bezier curves.
                           The first curve is from 10,100 (start point specified above)
                           to 300,100 with a control point of 0,0 and another control
                           point of 200,0. The second curve is from 300,100 
                           (end of the last curve) to 600,100 with a control point of 300,0
                           and another control point of 400,0. -->
                      <PolyBezierSegment Points="0,0 200,0 300,100 300,0 400,0 600,100" />

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