Matrix3D.Equality Operator

Compares two Matrix3D instances for exact equality.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Media.Media3D
Assembly:  System.Windows (in System.Windows.dll)


Public Shared Operator = ( _
    matrix1 As Matrix3D, _
    matrix2 As Matrix3D _
) As Boolean
public static bool operator ==(
    Matrix3D matrix1,
    Matrix3D matrix2


Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
true if the matrices are equal; otherwise, false.


Double values can acquire error when they are operated upon, such that that an exact comparison between two values that are logically equal may fail if transforms or other math has been applied to the values.

Version Information


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Supported in: Windows Phone OS 7.1, Windows Phone OS 7.0


For a list of the operating systems and browsers that are supported by Silverlight, see Supported Operating Systems and Browsers.