Adding Content to a Game

In This Section

  • What Is Content?
    Describes the purpose of the XNA Game Studio Content Pipeline and how it helps you add art and data assets to your game.
  • Standard Importers and Processors
    Describes the standard Content Pipeline importers and content processors of XNA Game Studio that support various common art asset file formats.
  • How to: Add Game Assets to a Content Project
    Demonstrates how to add an art asset to a game content project.
  • Loading Content
    Demonstrates how to load content such as models, textures, sounds, and effects.
  • Using an XML File to Specify Content
    Describes how to use XML files for custom game data through the Content Pipeline.
  • Loading Content Within a Game Library
    Demonstrates how to load content within a Game Library.
  • Content Compression
    XNA Game Studio offers data compression—an easy way to decrease the size of certain built game assets such as textures, shaders, and meshes. Data compression reduces not only the size required for media storage and downloads, but also the deploy time required for debugging a game.
  • Parameterized Processors
    Describes how parameterized processors work in XNA Game Studio. Many of the standard Content Pipeline content processors shipped with XNA Game Studio support parameter usage.

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