Deploy Project Server 2016

Summary: Learn how to deploy Project Server 2016.
Applies to: Project Server 2016

This series of articles describes the steps necessary to install Project Server 2016. Be sure you've planned your deployment and reviewed thesoftware requirements before you begin.

Deploying Project Server 2016 consists of the following steps:

  1. Install SharePoint Server 2016 - Project Server 2016 is part of SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise Edition. Before you can configure Project Server 2016, you must install SharePoint Server 2016.

  2. Configure Project Server 2016 - Unlike prior versions of Project Server, Project Server 2016 does not require a separate install from SharePoint Server 2016. Once you have installed SharePoint Server 2016, you can configure Project Server 2016.

  3. Create a Project Web App site - Once the initial Project Server 2016 configuration within SharePoint Server 2016 is completed, you can create a Project Web App site.

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