IT Pro Planning for Project Server

Summary: Learn about deployment planning. Before you install Project Server, be sure you have reviewed the information in these articles.

The following articles provide information about planning for Project Server deployment.

  Content Description
Building blocks. Determine project management requirements in Project Server
It is important to determine the project management needs and requirements for your organization. Your configuration will vary according to the kind of work that your organization performs and whether you use Project Server for time tracking, collaboration, or portfolio management.
Determine the number and types of users that require access to Project Server
The number and types of users in your organization who use Project Server features have a direct effect on the scalability and performance needs of your organization.
Plan the project life cycle in Project Web App
Learn how to plan projects, resources, and custom fields for new projects, and how to archive completed projects in Project Web App.
Plan reporting and business intelligence in Project Web App
This article describes the options available for creating custom reports of Project Web App data.

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