Manage users in Project Server

Summary: Use the Manage Users page to add, modify, deactivate, and reactivate user accounts.
Applies to: Project Server 2019, Project Server 2016, Project Server 2013

In Project Server permission mode, you can use the Manage Users page that is available in Project Web App Settings to add new individual users, modify existing users, deactivate user accounts, and reactivate inactive user accounts. You can also assign permissions to users by adding them to one of the built-in groups or by adding them to a custom group that you created, and assigning specific permissions to the custom group.


If you are using SharePoint permission mode, see Plan SharePoint groups in Project Server for information about managing users in Project Web App.

Task requirements

The following are required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Access to Project Server through a Project Web App site

  • The Manage users and groups global permission in order to add, modify, deactivate, or reactivate a user account

To manage users in Project Web App, you can perform the following procedures:

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