Install the Python SDK v2 for Azure Machine Learning SDK (preview)

This article is a guide for different installation options for the Python SDK v2 for Azure Machine Learning.


Default install

Use azure-ai-ml.

pip install --pre azure-ai-ml

Upgrade install


We recommend that you always keep azure-ai-ml updated to the latest version.

Upgrade a previous version:

pip install --pre --upgrade azure-ai-ml

Check version

Verify your SDK version:

pip show azure-ai-ml

To see all packages in your environment:

pip list

You can also show the SDK version in Python, but this version does not include the minor version.


Next steps

Try these next steps to learn how to use the Azure Machine Learning SDK (v2) for Python:

Language Library/Module Link to prerelease SDK
.NET Azure MachineLearning Management client library for .NET NuGet
Java Microsoft Azure SDK for Machine Learning Management for Java Maven
JS Azure Service client library for JavaScript NPM JS
Go Azure Machine Learning Module for Go Go.Dev
Curated Python Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Client Library for Python PyPI