ApplyDeltaParity operation

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Research.Chemistry

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Research.Chemistry

Computes difference in parity between a previous PQRS... terms and the next PQRS... term. This difference is computed on a auxiliary qubit.

operation ApplyDeltaParity (prevFermionicTerm : Int[], nextFermionicTerm : Int[], aux : Qubit, qubits : Qubit[]) : Unit is Adj + Ctl


prevFermionicTerm : Int[]

List of indices to previous PQRS... terms.

nextFermionicTerm : Int[]

List of indices to next PQRS... terms.

aux : Qubit

Auxiliary qubit onto which parity computation results are stored.

qubits : Qubit[]

Qubit acted on by all PQRS... terms.

Output : Unit


This assumes that indices of P < Q < R < S < ... for both prevPQ and nextPQ.