Install the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit (QDK)

Learn how to install the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit (QDK), so that you can get started with quantum programming. The QDK consists of:

  • The Q# programming language
  • A set of libraries that abstract complex functionality in Q#
  • APIs for Python and .NET languages (C#, F#, and VB.NET) for running quantum programs written in Q#
  • Tools to facilitate your development

Q# programs can run as standalone applications using Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio, or through Jupyter Notebooks with the IQ# Jupyter kernel. They can also be paired with a host program written in a .NET language (typically C#) or Python, enabling you to call quantum operations from inside a classical program.

The workflows for each of these setups are described and compared at Ways to run a Q# program.

To proceed with installing the QDK and creating Q# projects, select your preferred setup:

Develop with Q# command line applications - Choose this approach to work with Q# from the command line. This does not require a driver or a host program like the below options.

Develop with Q# Jupyter Notebooks - Select this environment to run Q# code in cells with embedded text or create quantum computing interactive tutorials.

Develop with Q# and Python - Enables you to combine Python and Q# to create a Python host program that calls Q# operations.

Develop with Q# and .NET - Combine C#, F#, or VB.NET with Q# to create a .NET host program that calls Q# operations.