Azure API Management

Azure API Management provides a REST API for performing operations on selected entities, such as users, groups, products, and subscriptions. This reference provides a guide for working with the API Management REST API, as well as specific reference information for each available operation, grouped by entity.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
API Management Services Provides operations for managing Azure API Management service instances.
API Operations Lists the operations for for an API.
API Products Lists the APIs associated with a product.
APIs Provides operations for managing the APIs of a service instance.
Authorization Servers Provides operations for managing OAuth2 authorization servers for a service instance.
Certificates Provides operations for managing the certificates used for mutual certificate authentication.
Group Users Provides operations for adding and removing users from a group.
Groups Provides operations for managing groups of users for a service instance, including built-in, custom, and external groups.
Loggers Provides operations for managing Loggers used to collect events.
Open ID Connect Providers Provides operations for managing the Open ID Connect Providers for the service instance.
Policy Snippets Provides operations for policy management.
Product APIs Provides operations for configuring which APIs associated with a product.
Product Groups Provides operations for configuring which groups that have visibility to a product.
Product Subscriptions Lists the subscriptions to a product.
Products Provides operations for managing products.
Property Provides operations for creating and updating the property collection for the service instance.
Regions Lists the Azure regions in which the API Management service is available.
Reports Provides usage reports for the service instance.
Subscriptions Provides operations for managing product subscriptions.
Tenant Access Provides operations at the root level tenant, such as access key generation.
Tenant Access Git Provides operations for managing the Git configuration for the tenant.
Tenant Configuration Provides operations for synchronizing the Git state with the tenant state.
Tenant Configuration Sync State Gets the status of the sync state between the Git configuration and the tenant.
User Groups Lists the groups to which a user belongs.
User Identities Lists identities used by a user.
User Subscriptions Lists subscriptions by a user.
Users Provides operations for managing the users of the service instance.

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