Create a new Azure DevOps group or materialize an existing AAD group.

The body of the request must be a derived type of GraphGroupCreationContext:

  • GraphGroupVstsCreationContext - Create a new Azure DevOps group that is not backed by an external provider.
  • GraphGroupMailAddressCreationContext - Create a new group using the mail address as a reference to an existing group from an external AD or AAD backed provider.
  • GraphGroupOriginIdCreationContext - Create a new group using the OriginID as a reference to a group from an external AD or AAD backed provider.

Optionally, you can add the newly created group as a member of an existing Azure DevOps group and/or specify a custom storage key for the group.


Removes an Azure DevOps group from all of its parent groups.

The group will still be visible, but membership checks for the group, and all descendants which derive membership through it, will return false.”


Get a group by its descriptor.

The group will be returned even if it has been deleted from the account or has had all its memberships deleted.


Gets a list of all groups in the current scope (usually organization or account).

The optional parameters are used to filter down the returned results. Returned results are in no guaranteed order.

Since the list of groups may be large, results are returned in pages of groups. If there are more results than can be returned in a single page, the result set will contain a continuation token for retrieval of the next set of results.


Update the properties of an Azure DevOps group.

Currently limited to only changing the description and account name.