Begin access to a blob associated with a managed disk

Provides a SAS URL to a blob associated with a disk. You can use this operation to read the blob contents. You can't call this operation on attached disks.

For information about getting started with Azure REST operations including request authentication, see Azure REST API Reference.


POST /subscriptions/{subscriptionID}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroup}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/disks/{diskName}/BeginGetAccess?api-version={api-version}
Parameter Description
subscriptionId The identifier of your subscription where the managed disk is located.
resourceGroup The name of the resource group that contains the managed disk.
diskName The name of the disk that is associated with the blob being accessed.
api-version The version of the API to use. The current version is 2016-04-30-preview.
  "access": "read", 
  "durationInSeconds": "3600" 
Element name Description
access Specifies the type of access. Only read URIs are supported currently.
durationInSeconds Specifies the SAS timeout. If the SAS expires, you can call the operation again to get a new SAS.


The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Success codes

Code Description
202 (Accepted) The operation was accepted.

Error codes

Code Description
400 BadRequest Invalid parameter value or combination of parameters.
403 Forbidden Caller doesn’t have the privilege to call this API.
404 NotFound Source not found. The source can be the platform image, the source disk, or the blob pointed to by the URL.
409 Conflict Either another operation is changing the resource in an incompatible way, or the disk is in an incompatible state. Retry the operation.
429 Too Many Requests The operation is being throttled.
500 Internal Server Error A server-side error has happened. Retry the operation.
  "accessSAS": ""