Azure DocumentDB REST API Reference

The Azure DocumentDB REST API is a REST-based API that provides programmatic access to DocumentDB resources to create, query, and delete databases, document collections, and documents programmatically. Azure DocumentDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service that is used for storing high-volume transactional and operational data with predictable single-digit millisecond latency for reads and writes. This makes it well-suited for IoT, gaming, retail, and operational logging applications.

To perform operations on DocumentDB resources, you send HTTPS requests with a supported method: GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE to an endpoint that targets a resource collection or a specific resource. This section contains information about working with resources by using the REST API.

Supported REST API Versions

The following table lists the supported REST API versions by the Azure DocumentDB service. The version must be specified via the x-ms-version header in every request. If not specified, the service defaults to the latest version 2016-07-11.

Version Change introduced Retirement date
2016-07-11 Change feed
2015-12-16 Partitioned collections
2015-08-06 Upsert
2015-06-03 Order By support
2015-04-08 DocumentDB general availability
2014-08-21 DocumentDB public preview February 29th, 2016

DocumentDB Resources

The following articles describe the supported REST APIs for each resource type. For general information about DocumentDB resources, see Interact with DocumentDB Resources and DocumentDB Resource URI Syntax for REST.

See Access Control on DocumentDB Resources for how to authorize requests to DocumentDB. For general information about DocumentDB request and response options, see the following articles:

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