Asynchronous Operations (202 Accepted and Location header)

Operations that complete asynchronously return HTTP 202 (Accepted) with a Location header and an optional Retry-After header. The time mentioned in the Retry-After header is in seconds with a minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 10 minutes.

URI for the location header will be as follows:

Method Request URI
GET URL from the Location header

If the operation is not complete, the response will be a HTTP 202 (Accepted) with the same location header.

If the operation completed successfully, the response will be the 200 (for anything that is not a DELETE) or 204 (for DELETE)

If the operation failed, the response will be formatted as per the Error Response Content.

Error Response Content

Response Body

    "error": {  
        "code": "BadArgument",  
        "message": "User name has invalid characters"