List Storage Accounts (Media Services)


It is now recommended to use the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) REST API endpoints, as described in Media Services management REST API reference.

The GET request method described in this topic returns a list of StorageAccountDetails for the Storage Account associated with the specified Media Services account. The data contract for StorageAccountDetails is defined later in this topic.

The request may be specified as follows (replace <subscription-id> with your subscription ID, and <accountName> with your account name.):

Method Request URI
GET https://endpoint/<subscriptionId>/services/mediaservices/Accounts/<accountName>/StorageAccounts

A successful operation returns status code 200 (OK). For information about error codes, see Media Services Management Error Codes.

When attaching multiple storage accounts to your Media Services account, the following considerations apply:

  • All storage accounts attached to a Media Services account must be in the same data center as the Media Services account.

  • Currently, once a storage account is attached to the specified Media Services account, it cannot be detached.

  • Primary storage account is the one indicated during Media Services account creation time. Currently, you cannot change the default storage account.

Data Contract

The data contract for StorageAccountDetails is defined as follows:

public class StorageAccountDetails   
    public StorageAccountDetails();   

    public string BlobStorageEndPoint { get; set; }   

    public string StorageAccountName { get; set; }   

    public bool IsDefault { get; set; }   

For more information about request and response formats, see Media Services Operations REST


See How to: Use Media Services Management REST API.