Update Storage Account Key (Media Services)


It is now recommended to use the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) REST API endpoints, as described in Media Services management REST API reference.

The PUT request method described in this topic synchronizes Media Services storage account records with the storage account key. The new key is returned in the request body.

For example, if you regenerate the storage account key using portal, you can call this method to get the updated key value.

The request may be specified as follows. Replace <subscription-id> with your subscription ID, <accountName> with your account name, and <storageAccount> with the Storage Account name that is associated with the specified Media Services account:

Method Request URI
PUT https://endpoint/<subscriptionId>/services/mediaservices/Accounts/<accountName>/StorageAccounts/<storageAccountName>/Key

A successful operation returns status code 204 (NoContent). For information about error codes, see Media Services Management Error Codes.


See How to: Use Media Services Management REST API.