FilterTrackSelect is used by manifest filters (AssetFilters and global Filters). It contains a collection of FilterTrackPropertyConditions.

For a detailed overview and code samples of dynamically generated manifests, see Dynamic manifests overview.

Also, see Filter and AssetFilter.

This topic describes the FilterTrackSelect and FilterTrackPropertyCondition entities.


When accessing entities in Media Services, you must set specific header fields and values in your HTTP requests.
For more information, see Setup for Media Services REST API Development and Connecting to Media Services with the Media Services REST API.

FilterTrackSelect properties

Property Type Description
PropertyConditions Collection of FilterTrackPropertyCondition properties Contains a collection of FilterTrackPropertyConditions.

FilterTrackPropertyCondition properties

FilterTrackPropertyCondition enables you to specify based on which conditions the tracks of your stream (live or video-on-demand) should be included into dynamically created manifest.

Property Type Description
Property Edm.String Allowed properties are:

Type - type of the track.

Name - name of the track.

Language - track language.

FourCC - track FourCC.

Bitrate - bitrate of the track.
Value Edm.String Allowed values for the following properties are:

- Type
The following values are allowed: video, audio, or text.
- Name
- Language
Tag of a language you want to include, as specified in RFC 5646. For example, en.
- FourCC
The first element of codecs format, as specified in RFC 6381.
- Bitrate
A range of bitrates or a specific bitrate. For example, 0-2427000.
Operator Edm.String Allowed values are: Equal and notEqual.