Identify Azure Media Services Entities

Microsoft Azure Media Services uses a specific naming structure to identify resources such as Assets, ContentKeys, and so on, in the Media Services content metadata repository.

The basic structure for a Media Services ID is: nb:type:scheme:SSID and is defined as follows:

  • type is the type of content identifier. These identifiers are listed in the following table.

  • scheme is a Media Services recognized naming scheme.

  • SSID (scheme-specific ID) is a string that corresponds with IDs in scheme. The default, and currently only supported scheme for Media Services, is UUID. Except for ContentKey and TaskTemplate entities, Media Services creates the SSIDs using an autogenerated globally unique identifier (GUID) encoded as a string in big-endian (network byte order) format per RFC4122.

    An example of a content Id is nb:cid:UUID:0234c75e-7b62-4d81-9373-d869478a6643.

    The following table lists each entity and its corresponding content identifier type in Media Services:

Entity Content Identifier Type
Asset cid
AccessPolicy pid
Locator lid
AssetFile cid
ContentKey kid
JobTemplate jtid
TaskTemplate ttid
Job jid
Task tid
MediaProcessor mpid
IngestManifest mid
IngestManifestAsset maid
IngestManifestFile mfid

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