Azure Mixed Reality Resource Management REST API Reference

Microsoft provides a series of Azure services to empower Mixed Reality devices and applications. Currently such services are provided:

The Azure Mixed Reality Resource Management REST API provides programmatic access to create, query, and delete Azure Mixed Reality resources. To perform operations on Azure Mixed Reality resources, you send HTTPS requests with a supported method: GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE to an endpoint that targets a resource collection or a specific resource. This section explains how to work with resources by using the REST API.

Supported REST API Versions

The following table lists the supported REST API versions by the Azure Mixed Reality services. The version must be specified as a query api-version in URI of every request. If not specified, the service defaults to the latest version 2019-02-28-preview.

Version Change introduced Retirement date
2019-02-28-preview Public Preview of Spatial Anchors

Azure Mixed Reality Resources

The following articles describe the supported REST APIs for each resource type.

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