List Indexers (Azure Search Service REST API)

The List Indexers operation returns the list of indexers in your Azure Search service.

    GET https://[service name][api-version]  
    api-key: [admin key]  

The api-version is required. The current version is 2019-05-06. See API versions in Azure Search for details.

The api-key must be an admin key (as opposed to a query key). Refer to the authentication section in Azure Search Service REST to learn more about keys. Create an Azure Search service in the portal explains how to get the service URL and key properties used in the request.


For a successful request: 200 OK. Here is an example response body:

      "value" : [  
        "name" : "myindexer",  
        "description" : "a cool indexer",  
        "dataSourceName" : "ordersds",  
        "targetIndexName" : "orders",  
        ... other indexer properties  

Note that you can filter the response down to just the properties you're interested in. For example, if you want only a list of indexer names, use the OData $select query option:

GET /indexers?api-version=2019-05-06&$select=name  

In this case, the response from the above example would appear as follows:

      "value" : [ { "name": "myindexer" } ]  

This is a useful technique to save bandwidth if you have a lot of indexers in your Search service.

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