Update Data Source (Azure Cognitive Search REST API)

Overwrites an existing data source definition with a revised version.

PUT https://[service name].search.windows.net/datasources/[data source name]?api-version=[api-version]  
    Content-Type: application/json  
    api-key: [admin key]  

URI Parameters

Parameter Description
service name Required. Set this to the unique, user-defined name of your search service.
data source name Required. The request URI specifies the name of the data source to update.
api-version Required. The current version is api-version=2020-06-30. See API versions in Azure Cognitive Search for a list of available versions.

Request Headers

The following table describes the required and optional request headers.

Fields Description
Content-Type Required. Set this to application/json
api-key Required. The api-key is used to authenticate the request to your Search service. It is a string value, unique to your service. Update requests must include an api-key header set to your admin key (as opposed to a query key).

You can get the api-key from your service dashboard in the Azure portal. For more information, see Find existing keys.

Request Body

The request body syntax is the same as for Create Data Source.

When updating an existing data source, the entire definition is replaced with the contents of the request body. In general, the best pattern to use for updates is to retrieve the data source definition with a GET, modify it, and then update it with PUT.


For a successful request: 201 Created if a new data source was created, and 204 No Content if an existing data source was updated


Some properties cannot be updated on an existing data source. For example, you cannot change the type of an existing data source.

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