Send Message

The Send Message operation sends a new message.


You can construct the Send Message request as follows.

Method Request URI HTTP Version
POST http{s}://{serviceNamespace}{topic path}/messages HTTP/1.1

Request Headers

The following table describes required and optional request headers.

Request Header Description
Authorization Specifies a WRAPv0.9.7.2 token containing a SimpleWebToken acquired from ACS. Set to WRAP access_token=”{swt}”.
Content-Type Set to application/atom+xml;type=entry;charset=utf-8.
x-ms-retrypolicy (Optional) Set to NoRetry to disable automatic retry on send operations in the case of transient errors.

Request Body

Atom entry with the description embedded in the content. For example:

<entry xmlns=''>  
  <content type='application/xml'>  


The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK. The resource has been successfully created or updated.
400 Bad Request. The request is invalid.
401 Unauthorized. The request is not authorized.
409 Conflict. The resource could not be updated due to a conflict

For information about status codes, see Status and Error Codes.

Response Headers

The response for this operation includes the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers. All standard headers conform to the HTTP/1.1 protocol specification.

Response Header Description
Content-type Content-Type: application/atom+xml; type=entry

Response Body

Upon success, a valid Atom entry is returned. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>  
<entry xmlns=''>  
  <link rel='self'>https://{serviceNamespace}{path} </link>  
  <content type='application/xml'>