Service Bus Namespace Access

A service namespace is a hierarchical namespace under which an entity can be created and mapped to any arbitrary depth of names at leaf node. It is considered the base address of all entities and features created under this namespace. In example address below, the bold section is considered the namespace address, which is used to set or get the full path of entities or features of these entities. All top level entities, such as Queue and Topic are addressed by this scheme.


You can specify {path} at any depth. For example, /test, /test/test2, or /test/test2/test3. Note that the maximum length of an entity name is 290 characters.

In This Section

Provides overview of the simplified REST API sets for managing entities.

Describes the rule of a topic subscription.

Get Entity
Retrieves a messaging entity.

Entities Discovery
Discovers messaging entities.

Delete Entity
Deletes messaging entity.

List all messaging entities of certain kind in a flat view.

Query Strings
Performs query string operations for passing data to web applications.

Update Entity
Updates messaging entities.

REST vs. .NET Client Support

Message Headers and Properties

Service Bus Runtime REST