Get Metrics Rollups

This operation gets rollup data for Service Bus metrics. Rollup data includes the time precision for the telemetry aggregation as well as the retention settings for each time detail.


Method Request URI
GET{subscription ID}/ services/servicebus/Namespaces/{Namespace}/<ResourcePath>/Metrics/<MetricKeyPredicate>/Rollups


Parameter Name Description
SubscriptionID Your Azure subscription
Namespace Your Azure Service Bus Namespace
ResourcePath Include path to the Service Bus entity you’re exploring
MetricKeyPredicate Metric name. Metric name (data point) depends on the entity type you are querying.

Request Body

  • none


Response Codes

HTTP Code Condition
200 Successfully retrieved metric data.
401 Authorization failure. Returned when user does not have credentials to retrieve metric data. This could be due to suspended subscription.
404 Entity does not exist under this namespace.
500 Internal/unhandled exception.

Response Headers

Response Header Description
Content-Type application/xml ; application/json

Response Body

  • If the entity exists

    • Requested Metric values
  • Else

    • None


The following call returns the data rollups (time precision and retention windows) available for the “outgoing” data point for MyNamespace/MyQueue: