Describes a backup policy for configuring periodic backup.


Name Type Required
Name string Yes
AutoRestoreOnDataLoss boolean Yes
MaxIncrementalBackups integer Yes
Schedule BackupScheduleDescription Yes
Storage BackupStorageDescription Yes
RetentionPolicy RetentionPolicyDescription No


Type: string
Required: Yes

The unique name identifying this backup policy.


Type: boolean
Required: Yes

Specifies whether to trigger restore automatically using the latest available backup in case the partition experiences a data loss event.


Type: integer
Required: Yes
InclusiveMaximum: 255
InclusiveMinimum: 0

Defines the maximum number of incremental backups to be taken between two full backups. This is just the upper limit. A full backup may be taken before specified number of incremental backups are completed in one of the following conditions

  • The replica has never taken a full backup since it has become primary,
  • Some of the log records since the last backup has been truncated, or
  • Replica passed the MaxAccumulatedBackupLogSizeInMB limit.


Type: BackupScheduleDescription
Required: Yes

Describes the backup schedule parameters.


Type: BackupStorageDescription
Required: Yes

Describes the details of backup storage where to store the periodic backups.


Type: RetentionPolicyDescription
Required: No

Describes the policy to retain backups in storage.