Represents the health state of the stateful service replica, which contains the replica ID and the aggregated health state.


Name Type Required
AggregatedHealthState string (enum) No
PartitionId string (uuid) No
ReplicaId string No


Type: string (enum)
Required: No

The health state of a Service Fabric entity such as Cluster, Node, Application, Service, Partition, Replica etc.

Possible values are:

  • Invalid - Indicates an invalid health state. All Service Fabric enumerations have the invalid type. The value is zero.
  • Ok - Indicates the health state is okay. The value is 1.
  • Warning - Indicates the health state is at a warning level. The value is 2.
  • Error - Indicates the health state is at an error level. Error health state should be investigated, as they can impact the correct functionality of the cluster. The value is 3.
  • Unknown - Indicates an unknown health status. The value is 65535.


Type: string (uuid)
Required: No

The ID of the partition to which this replica belongs.


Type: string
Required: No

Id of a stateful service replica. ReplicaId is used by Service Fabric to uniquely identify a replica of a partition. It is unique within a partition and does not change for the lifetime of the replica. If a replica gets dropped and another replica gets created on the same node for the same partition, it will get a different value for the id. Sometimes the id of a stateless service instance is also referred as a replica id.