Describes properties of a volume resource.


Name Type Required
description string No
status string (enum) No
statusDetails string No
provider string Yes
azureFileParameters VolumeProviderParametersAzureFile No


Type: string
Required: No

User readable description of the volume.


Type: string (enum)
Required: No

Status of the volume.

Status of the resource.

Possible values are:

  • Unknown - Indicates the resource status is unknown. The value is zero.
  • Ready - Indicates the resource is ready. The value is 1.
  • Upgrading - Indicates the resource is upgrading. The value is 2.
  • Creating - Indicates the resource is being created. The value is 3.
  • Deleting - Indicates the resource is being deleted. The value is 4.
  • Failed - Indicates the resource is not functional due to persistent failures. See statusDetails property for more details. The value is 5.


Type: string
Required: No

Gives additional information about the current status of the volume.


Type: string
Required: Yes
Default: SFAzureFile

Provider of the volume.


Type: VolumeProviderParametersAzureFile
Required: No

This type describes a volume provided by an Azure Files file share.