Setting the OData data service version headers

The following Table service operations are OData-compatible:

When you call one of these operations, you must specify the OData data service version, using one of the following request headers:

  • MaxDataServiceVersion, to specify the maximum data service version

  • DataServiceVersion, to specify the exact data service version

If both headers are present, precedence is given to MaxDataServiceVersion.

Note that the headers which specify the OData protocol version are similar to the x-ms-version header, which indicates the version of the Table service to use when making a request against the service. You must specify both headers for the operations listed above.

Not all versions of the Table service are compatible with all OData data service versions, so you must ensure that both x-ms-version and DataServiceVersion/MaxDataServiceVersion are set to compatible versions, as summarized in the following table:

DataServiceVersion/MaxDataServiceVersion Header Value Compatible Table Service Versions (x-ms-version Header Values)
1.0;NetFx Any version
2.0;NetFx 2011-08-18 or later
3.0;NetFx 2013-08-15 or later

Note that if you are accessing the Table service using the Azure Storage Client Library, these headers are automatically set for you.

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