Version 2015-02-21

Version 2015-02-21 included these changes:

  • A new blob type, the append blob, is now available. All writes to an append blob are added sequentially to the end of the blob, making it optimal for logging scenarios.

    Append blobs support an Append Block operation for adding blocks to the blob. Once a block is added with Append Block, it is immediately available to be read; no further commits are necessary. The block cannot be modified once it has been added.

  • A number of new features are available for the Azure File service, including:

  • When constructing the string-to-sign for a shared access signature for the Blob, Table, Queue, and File services, you must include the service name in the canonicalized resource portion of the string. See Create a service SAS for more information.

  • When constructing the string-to-sign, omit the value of the Content-Length header from the string-to-sign when that value is zero. See Authorize requests to Azure Storage for more information.