Getting Started with Appservice - Manage Linux Web App With Domain Ssl - in Java

Azure App Service sample for managing web apps.

  • app service plan, web app
    • Create 2 web apps under the same new app service plan
  • domain
    • Create a domain
  • certificate
    • Upload a self-signed wildcard certificate
    • update both web apps to use the domain and the created wildcard SSL certificate

Running this Sample

To run this sample:

See DefaultAzureCredential and prepare the authentication works best for you. For more details on authentication, please refer to

git clone

cd app-service-java-manage-web-apps-on-linux-with-custom-domains

mvn clean compile exec:java

More information

For general documentation as well as quickstarts on how to use Azure Management Libraries for Java, please see here.

Start to develop applications with Java on Azure here.

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