Quickstart: Use Azure Cache for Redis in .NET Core

This sample shows you how to incorporate Azure Cache for Redis into a C# .NET Core console app using the StackExchange.Redis Redis client. See the accompanying article on the documentation site for details, including best practices and how to create the sample code from scratch.


Run the sample

Download the sample code to your development PC.

In your command window, change directories to the folder containing this sample.

Execute the following command to restore the packages:

dotnet restore

Execute the following command to store a new secret named CacheConnection, after replacing the placeholders (including angle brackets) for your cache name and primary access key:

dotnet user-secrets set CacheConnection "<cache name>.redis.cache.windows.net,abortConnect=false,ssl=true,allowAdmin=true,password=<primary-access-key>"

Execute the following command in your command window to build the app:

dotnet build

Then run the app with the following command:

dotnet run