Azure Maps Fullscreen Control module

An Azure Maps Web SDK module that provides a control to display the map in fullscreen mode.

Note that not all browsers support fullscreen mode, see for a list of current browser versions that support fullscreen mode. By default this control will hide itself if the browser it is loaded in does not support fullscreen mode. You can also use the FullscreenControl.isSupported static method to check support programmatically.


Fullscreen control

Fullscreen control options

Getting started

Download the project and copy the azure-maps-fullscreen-control JavaScript file from the dist folder into your project.


//Create an instance of the fullscreen control. By default it will toggle the map in and out of fullscreen mode. 
var fsc = new atlas.control.FullscreenControl({
    style: 'auto',

    //Optionally pass in an HTML element or its ID to have the fullscreen control toggle it in and out of fullscreen mode instead of the map.
    //container: 'myHtmlElement'

//Optionally, add events to monitor when the fullscreen mode is entered and exited.'fullscreenchanged', fsc, function(isFullscreen){
    //Do something.

//Add the fullscreen control to the map.
map.controls.add(fsc, {
    position: 'top-right'

You can check to see if the browser supports fullscreen mode by using the static FullscreenControl.isSupported method.

atlas.control.FullscreenControl.isSupported().then(isSupported => {
    //Do something.

API Reference

FullscreenControl class

Implements: atlas.Control

Namespace: atlas.control

A control that toggles the map or a specific container from its defined size to a fullscreen size.


FullscreenControl(options?: FullscreenControlOptions)


Name Return type Description
dispose() Doisposes the control.
getOptions() FullscreenControlOptions Gets the options of the control.
isFullscreen() boolean Checks if the map or specified container is in fullscreen mode or not.
setOptions(options: FullscreenControlOptions) Sets the options of the control.

Static Methods

Name Return type Description
isSupported() Promise<boolean> Checks to see if the browser supports going into fullscreen mode.


Name Return type Description
fullscreenchanged boolean Event fired when the fullscreen state changed. Returns a boolean indicating if the container is fullscreen or not.

FullscreenControlOptions interface

Options for the FullscreenControl.


Name Type Description
container string | HTMLElement The HTML element that should be made fullscreen. If not specified, the map container element will be used. If a string is passed in, it will first be used with document.getElementById and if null, will then use document.querySelector.
hideIfUnsupported boolean Specifies if the control should be hidden if fullscreen is not supported by the browser. Default: false
style atlas.ControlStyle | string The style of the control. Can be; light, dark, auto, or any CSS3 color. When set to auto, the style will change based on the map style. Overridden if device is in high contrast mode. Default light.

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