Issue Azure Cognitive Search REST (api-version=2017-11-11) calls in PowerShell

PowerShell cmdlets with REST API calls to Azure Cognitive Search (api-version=2017-11-11), demonstrating index definition, data ingestion, and query execution. This api-version does not support complex types. This sample is standalone and is not referenced in any walkthroughs.


File/folder Description
RestHowTo-Invoke-RestMethod.ps1 PowerShell script, which you can run from the command line
.gitignore Define what to ignore at commit time. Guidelines for contributing to the sample. This README file.
LICENSE The license for the sample.



  1. Clone or download this sample repository.
  2. Extract contents if the download is a zip file. Make sure the files are read-write.

Running the quickstart

  1. Open the RestHowTo-Invoke-RestMethod.ps1 file in an editor
  2. Replace and with the service and api-key details of your Azure Cognitive Search service
  3. Open a PowerShell console, navigate to the file location, and run the script: .\RestHowTo-Invoke-RestMethod.ps1