Developing applications with Java and Azure SQL

This repository contains a tutorial that will guide you through the creation of a simple solution using Java to take advantage of Azure SQL. Azure SQL as many features for developers and learning how to take advantage of it will help you to create secure, scalable and performant modern applications. To learn more about several of the features that Azure SQL provides to developers, read here: 10 reasons to use Azure SQL in your next project.

With the proposed tutorial you will learn how to create a database, use the most common packages to connect to it and, finally, you'll see how performance can be improved a lot by using Columnstore Indexes.

No matter which is the platform or the OS you are using, you can happily use Azure SQL. As you can see the tutorial is available to be used with:

Once you'll be more expert on Azure SQL and Java, you can also take advtange of several samples that will help you to create Full-Stack solutions or Back-End API, that can be used in project of any size and scale.


All of the above examples require an Azure SQL DB Please follow these instructions to create one.

Go to this site for instructions on how to set up an Azure Hosted SQL Database.

  1. Perform the Prerequisites steps.

  2. Follow steps 1-17 from the section: Create a Single Database.