Sample Desktop Bridge app for Partner Center

The CentennialPackaging and CentennialApp projects are a sample C# desktop bridge app that can be uploaded to Microsoft Partner Center.



  • Open the DiceWebSampleApps.sln in Visual Studio
  • Associate the CentennialPackaging project with your store account
    • Select the project in the Solution Explorer
    • Select menu Project -> Publish -> Associate app with the store ...
      • Make sure to log in under the account where the package will be uploaded.
      • If the app has not already been created in Partner Center, you can reserve the name first.
  • In the CentennialApp project, configure DiceSettings.json
    • TargetPackageSizeInMB - Set to size in MB that you want the final package to be
    • Languages - Add all the languages to be included into the package into this array

Running the sample

  • Open the DiceWebSampleApps.sln in Visual Studio
  • Complete the Setup
  • Create packages for upload to Partner Center
    • Select the CentennialPackaging project in the Solution Explorer
    • Select menu Project -> Publish -> Create app packages ...
    • Choose "Microsoft Store as {AppName} by {AppPublisher}". Do not choose side-loading
    • When finished, visit the output location for the packages.




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